Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another dimension???!

Have you ever experienced a nightmare? Have you ever woken up in the middle of it, sweating and panting heavily only to realise with relief that is was a mere dream?? Am sure most of us have.

If it was just a dream, why were we sweating? Why did we find it so real? The answer is that when we are dreaming, we THINK it's real! There is no way for us to know that it is a dream while we are dreaming. The minute you realise it is a dream, you wake up from it. Isn't it?

Why bother about analysing dreams you may ask. But this can lead us to a rather big question. How are we so sure we are not dreaming now? How are we so sure that the life we are leading now is not another dream? Just think about it, when you are dreaming, the entire set up, all the people, the voices, the characters, everything was created by the mind. Why is it that we assume what we see now is reality? If the mind is so powerful to create a whole new world every night in our dreams, then why rule out the possibility of it creating this world around us?

Let me quote a small story that I heard from Nithyananda earlier:
There was once a Zen master who woke up crying one morning. His disciples rushed towards him and inquired what happened. The master said "I dreamt that I was a butterfly last night in my dream". The disciples looked at each other not able to comprehend why this could be a matter of concern. The master went on "Now the problem is, I do not know whether I am a Zen Master who dreamt that I was a butterfly or whether I am indeed a butterfly which is dreaming that it has become a Zen master"!

This story is just to question the same point: Are we sure we are not dreaming now? If we have never woken up, then how can we be sure we are not dreaming now? :)

This process of waking up is what Masters calls "Enlightenment". All sages and great Masters, for thousands of years have claimed that there is another whole dimension, which we are completely unaware of. How can we be aware if we are so fond of our 'dreams' and hold on to them as reality? These Masters have woken up and out of their compassion try to wake us up too. They are here to say 'Don't weep, don't worry it is all just a dream. Wake up and see for yourself'

Now, we want proof for everything. We are trained to reject anything that doesn't appeal to our intellect. As Nithyananda says: a seed asks for proof to the tree 'If I break open, what is the proof that I will become a tree?' For that the tree replies 'You break open and see for yourself'. The tree cannot happen unless the seed opens and the seed refuses to open until the tree happens! So how can the tree happen?

Here is a very interesting video how how a 2-D man is scared to believe there could be a 3rd dimension. The 3-D man out of his compassion wakes the 2-D man into the 3rd dimension, which he had never ever witnessed before:

Had the 2-D man remained inside the fence out of fear of lack of trust, he would have never experienced the joy of the 3rd dimension. Let us be open and allow the Masters to show us the new and beautiful dimensions within ourselves!
-- Ma Nithyananda Arpana


Anonymous said...

Just read the blog. Took me about an hour. Needless to say most of the things dint go into my head. But it's pretty obvious it does make you two (prolly many others) extremely happy/blissful, which I think is a pretty good state to be in.

just a few notes I would like to attach to some of the posts.

30 Minutes of Cleansin
>>Yes, this is all scientific. If you want references, please go to this website or this home page.

I would very much doubt the experments by Dr. Marasu Emoto are scientific.
some people are offering him 1 million to repeat the experiments in a double-blind study.

The Marathon of Life

>>Swamiji quotes a beautiful story about a man who was granted a wish - whatever land he could cover by running before sunset would be his.

It's a nice story "How Much Land Does a Man Need?", by Tolstoy.

Abhijit Ray

Naveen said...

It's defintely a possibility. In that vein, we are living in a world of possibilities.

Though proof is asked for, it's experiment that opens up possibilities. Rejection happens only when reproducibility cannot be achieved. said...

Nithyanandam Abhijit!

It's nice to know that you took some time of yours to go through the blog! Yeah, people in these parts are blissful... no doubt about it. Why not hop in and see for yourself? No need to wait for someone else to put a million dollar on it! It surely is repeatable. We only need another being to repeat the experiment. Eagerly waiting for your commitment!


Arpanananda said...

Hi abhijit

Looks like are you are very well read.. :)

anyways, regarding your first concern if Dr.Emoto's experimentations are scientific, we suggest you read his book called Messages from Water. It explains the whole experiment in detail. The experimentation was first done in IHM General Institute in Tokyo, Japan which is now being done again in Europe.

There is also a clipping which I have put in the post which shows how crystals are made.

Lets see the message behind the post on how our thoughts affect our own self. If we want to find out counter arguments, surely for everything in this world, we will be able to google them out. There are numerous SCIENTIFIC experiments (Bruce Lipton et. Al) on the biology of our system being affected by thoughts. The DNA experiment is another such expt.

Why not experiment it and see it for yourself?

Ma Nithyananda Arpana said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Nithyanandam Naveen...
Nice to have you back. Don't worry thinking that you didn't get a reply for your post while Abhijit got two! Just kidding...

Hope you are doing fine with your spiritual experiments! As Swami Vivekananda would have said, "Stop not till the goal is reached!!"

P.S. You may also go thru replies meant for Abhijit.

Naveen said...

Yes Prabhu, (Is that your name?) I was feeling left out! That too after such a nice comment :)

Well, Mr Abijit is disputing the facts. I am still posing the 'even if it's true' question.

Nithyanandam! (The way you like it). said...

Nithyanandam Naveen.

Rajendra is my first name... But I dont mind being called by my last name! :D

Please don't feel left out... Do join the fun... get into it, and then investigate whatever happens to you after your association with Nithyananda Group! Taste the Mango first before jumping to conclusion based on other's tastebuds! :)

In Nithyanandam... that's more like it!

Anonymous said...

I think therefore I am, perhaps we may never achieve that which has been taught to us as being impossible...until we acknowledge our existence as being many possibilities, then we can truly achieve WHATEVER WE WANT!