Monday, July 23, 2007

Science of Energy Healing

Recently I had a conversation with a friend of mine when she was suffering from viral flu..

She: I caught a bad flu. Went to the doctor. He gave me some antibiotics. He says its a viral flu...

I: Hmm.. ya now-a-days flu is in the air. Do you want healing?

She (suspiciously): What...what kind of healing?

I: Nothing.. its just energy healing.. no side effects ..

She (almost immediately): I just have viral flu.. I have flu because I am infected with virus.. I just have to take some medicines and I guess that should work.. I do not believe in this healing thing..

Well that was conversation and like she said she did not believe in it. So I did not ask her any further... and not many days after that, I too caught a viral flu and I too went to a doctor. He told me, 'you have viral flu, 102 degrees F and gave loads of medicines for cough, sore throat, fever etc.

I went back home and dumped those medicines on the table.. all I did was meditation that heals. I went to the doctor in the morning at about 9 am and by evening I was fit and fine.. though I was feeling a little weak, the fever was completely gone.. I was in the normal temperature zone when I checked the temperature in the evening.

You can still find those medicines intact in their covers :)

Lets just understand for a moment what this virus is doing in our system and let us talk in terms of energy. We are an energy mechanism and there is no doubt about it. When a virus enters our system, there is another energy mechanism entering our energy system. This virus or can we say a negative energy system is creating some impact on our energy system. All healing does is to create a energy pattern that nullifies the negative energy system of the virus.

Bruce Lipton, a well renowned cellular biologist says - 'During energy healing, the recipient is getting an energy that is interacting with their body through interference and through that interference, changing the character of the energy reflected in the physical matter because the matter is the energy. This is the future of medicine although we are not there with it right now. It is important to note that quantum physics, which describes the mechanics of the universe, emphasizes that energy signals are a hundred times more efficient than drugs.'

Ancient asian energy healing methods like accupunture work on similar principles. Western medicine talks in terms of matter; virus being a foreign matter entering our body matter and affecting our cellular matter. Eastern energy based healing talks about one energy system affecting the other.

I am not saying western medicine does not work. All I am saying is energy based healing can complements the western medicine. They could coexist together.

We always reject this because of our unfamiliarity with it. Science today is accepting this and the top quantum physicists are again and again asking the basic questions of what this body is, what is reality. And their answers are tending to what has been labelled as spirituality and mysticism... They are tabooed because they do not fall in line with our understanding of matter and energy.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda initiates people as healers into Nithya Healing. There are umpteen number of terminally ill patients who were suffering from cancer, Parkinson's disease etc. and are now still alive dancing in nithyananda, eternal bliss :) More about Nithya Healing can be found at this blog post.

Before signing off, let me add that, scientifically, recipients of Nithya Healing were studied. Energy patterns have been documented and studies are going on. Well, more on this, I will post later ...

- Sri Nithya Arpanananda


anupsar said...

Very Informative post.

Supriya said...

very true..i think one must experiment it.. he experiences it

Pratap said...

The 'Nithya healing' link in your blog is no longer active...Could you give more info about the 'meditation that heals' you talk about?