Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How can it be so simple???

'Simple' is a word that has become quite alien us. Take anything, we want to make it look sophisticated and complex. If someone asks us questions that are simple, we just cannot answer them but we can answer all the complex questions.

Many a times during my under-graduation, I would bump into situations where I simply cannot explain the basic questions but I would explain anything complex. E.g. how the transistor works was not clear but I could explain how an amplifier consisting of some ten transistors works. I am sure many of you might have come across such situations. We can explain all complex scenarios but when we are faced with simple questions, we are stumped; a big question mark can be seen on our face :)

The problem is we have stopped thinking simple. We want to think complex things without even answering the simple questions or understanding the simple statements.

We, in the name of science and technology, are developing complex theories and systems but we haven't answered the simple questions - what is life and what is death - through complex intellect.

We boast of knowing everything around us but the fact is we do not know our own self. If we know everything, then why do we get stressed out; why do we give power to emotions like anger, frustrations, tension, worry and fear to rule us?

The answer is simple - we do not know ourselves. We do not have clue as to we have inside us. We do not know the unconscious baggage that we have within us. Even modern science proves that 90% of our decision making and actions are rule by our unconscious. Only 10% goes through a conscious process.

If that is the case, what are we boasting about knowing everything around us? We are being simply stupid by thinking we are all-powerful; there are no bigger fools than us if we think we rule our life.

Such simple understandings can revolutionize the way we look at everything. One such simple understanding that all enlightened masters including Paramahamsa Nithyananda makes is, 'You are God.' Our convoluted intellect and mind simply cannot take this because it is too simple. Paramahamsa Nithyananda says, 'you are enlightened. Just the acceptance of this statement completely will make you enlightened. Getting enlightened is so simple...'

But no! We cannot accept that the concept of God and enlightenment is so simple. Our so-called sophisticated and well-developed mind cannot even accept and experiment with such simple statements.

If we scan through the lives of most enlightened masters, they were simple people and they got enlightened while they were in deep relaxation. When they dropped the idea that enlightenment is complex, they got enlightened.

Meditation is a tool to understand these simple truths. If we just keep our complex minds aside for a while and meditate, we can experience some of the simple truths that all enlightened masters speak of... it is that simple :)

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