Wednesday, July 11, 2007

30 Minutes of Cleansing

If someone had told me, 'every thought of ours affects everything around us' a year ago, I would have laughed at him. Obviously, most of us would react in this way. But now I totally agree with it!! For the next few minutes, lets us go inside and see how we process such statements.

Generally, we work this way. Lets say someone makes a statement. Immediately, we start referring to our bank of knowledge. We might have gathered it from books, internet, magazines and what not. If there is a strong scientific and logical explanation to that statement, we immediately accept that statement. If some book says: Force = mass x acceleration, we immediately accept it because it has been proven by scientists.

Now the problem is there is a limitation to this knowledge. If a person quotes something totally different, he is looked at with suspicion. This was the reason why people threw stones on people who claimed - the earth is round, the earth is not the center of the solar system, the earth revolves around the sun. The people then had no priori knowledge about it and hence their intellect did not accept it.

There is another way in which we can process that statement. This is how the select few went beyond intellectual knowledge and came up with amazing truths. It is through experimentation. Actually, we used to work in that state when we were kids. If our mother said, 'don't put your finger into that socket,' we used to do exactly that. If someone said, don't stand on the parapet wall, all we did was, just go there and stand.

We had an element of curiosity, inquisitiveness which has been lost along the way. Why? What happened to us when we started so-called 'growing up'?

We were getting conditioned. This conditioning was not just by society but due to our own acquired knowledge. Can you see what has happened? Our own bank of knowledge has put boundaries on our curious behavior. If someone makes a statement, instead of experimenting and finding it on our own, we immediately look back into our encyclopedia of knowledge. That is how our mind works. It just starts to flip pages and checks for it. It simply rejects if it can't find it. That's it, end of story!!

We fail to realize one important thing - the limitation of our intellect. We fail to acknowledge the fact that our intellect has limits. Every great scientific invention was made because Newtons, Edisons, Einsteins, Galileos, Marconis were not clouded by suspicion and knowledge of the past. They were daring and courageous to experiment, they put their foot forward to experiment. You may call it hypothesis or whatever but they had the guts to experiment and tell the whole world what the truth is. When Einstein told about relativity theory, people laughed at him. When he was alive, most people did not even understand it. Now every kid who knows the word - science wants to become an Einstein.

In the same way, enlightened masters and beings, whether he is Buddha, Jesus, Mahavira, Krishna of prehistoric age or Ramakrishna, Nisargadutta Maharaj, Ramana Maharshi, Nithyananda of this age, were like us, simple humans. The only difference between them and us is that they dared, they braved to experiment and know the Truth but we are just rejecting it based on our knowledge.

So anyways, linking back to the very first statement of this post, 'every thought affects everything around us,' let me quote some interesting scientific revelations that can give a scientific angle to this post. Let me take you to Dr. Marasu Emoto's experiments on water. To be very short and crisp, he took several samples of water in petridishes and labeled each one with a different emotion like love, hatred, gratitude. On one he labeled Hitler and on the other Mother Teresa. To each one of these, he used to express that particular emotion. E.g. to the dish with gratitude, he used to thank and express his gratitude and to the one with hatred, he used bring out all the hatred. After a few days, he crystallized them and examined them under the an electron microscope (if you want to know how it is done, check this video). And lo and behold! What did he see? There were beautiful symmetrical crystals for gratitude but ugly, distorted crystals for hatred. 'Hitler' petridish showed scary crystals and 'Mother Teresa' showed loving crystals.

Yes, this is all scientific. If you want references, please go to this website or this home page. There is a book also written on this called - Messages from water. Now our questioning mind will ask again - how can you prove that what is happening outside is actually happening inside us? So here you are. Go to this link, you will see some experiments done on DNA. The same kind of experiments were done on human DNA by quantum biologists. And the results were mind blowing.

There are many more, probably I will write about it in length in another post. Just imagine, if 100ml of water can react so vividly to our thoughts, our body is 70% water. Just imagine our state if all our thoughts are that of fear or greed or hatred. And on the other end of the spectrum, what happens if our thoughts are those of love and gratitude?

In my previous post I said - people ask, 'what's the use of sitting in silence for 30 minutes?' Here I answer briefly. During these 30 minutes of silence, we can cleanse our inner space, we cleanse our thoughts. Let that be a beginning.

- Sri Nithya Arpanananda

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anupsar said...

Very Very good. You are right, it is sad, people just say no to things before experimenting in their own way. Just in tune with Nithyananda's message " We want evolution, not revolution" ..

Keep it going --- go... go ....

nithya said...

great stuff dear arpanas...
exactly what is needed ...the synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern scientific temperament...

cant get a cooler combo than this to blow our minds out!

kudos to you both ...
keep the good work flowing...

Nithyananda Radhika said...
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