Monday, July 7, 2008

Acceptance - that is the key.

Warning: This post could be a spoiler for those who haven't yet watched the movie - Kungfu Panda :)

Last week, we watched the latest cartoon movie in town - Kungfu Panda after hearing some good reviews about. This is not a review of the movie :) but let me just narrate the gist of the movie so that I can get to my point ... So there is this panda, Poh, who wants to become a Kungfu warrior but he is burly, fat etc. etc. Around the same time, a selection is going for the Dragon warrior who will be given a Dragon Scroll. This is supposed to contain the most powerful thing a fighter can have and one who possesses the Scroll and reads whats in it, he becomes the most powerful Kungfu Warrior to defeat the bad guys. This Panda, who does not know ABCs of Kungfu is selected instead of his own Kungfu idols Tiger, Monkey, Serpent etc.

And when Poh, the Panda reads the scroll, theres nothing in there to read; its blank. After an interesting twist in the story (which you must see), he opens the scroll again and sees something - his own reflection.

What the movie tried to convey was that one need not have anything special to become powerful. All we have to realize that we are special in our own way and we are powerful. All we need is the strong intention of what we want to do and trust in us. Thats all! The Panda used to compare itself with the Tiger, Monkey etc. for his Kungfu skills but when he realized that he is unique in his own way, there was no stopping.

Its a simple but powerful message that is put in a beautiful way in this movie. Every moment we compare ourselves with others in terms of what we don't have. This creates a gap in us which are trying to fill constantly. We forget our strengths; we forget that we are unique in our own way and we don't need anything other than our own trust in ourselves and the strong intention to do and get what we want. We live in fantasies created by us.

This applies for the case of enlightenment also. Paramahamsa Nithyananda says, 'Even for enlightenment, you look at enlightened masters and create you own comparisons and fantasies as to what and how it should be. All you have to realize is that you are already enlightened. When I say this, you don't accept it because you have created your own mental picture and idea about enlightenment. Drop them, accept yourself completely and you will see the Ultimate.'

We are constantly looking for something, either a mantra or meditation technique or whatever, on the Scroll that will take us to the Ultimate but we do not see ourselves in it. Nithyananda says, 'all you have to do is relax completely and you will see You.'

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Phalgun said...

(in Poo style) wwwooooo!!
Can i punch through walls? Can i fly?
(in shifu style) Focus!

on a serious note.. tht was one awesome comparision. Legendary :)