Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inner Transformation: Biggest Service to Mankind

Recently I was volunteering in a meditation program held by acharyas (teachers) of Nithyananda order and was witness to amazing scenes of transformation and healing. During one of the meditation, each and everyone of the few hundred participants had melted completely. I could see clearly how they easily they were able to offload the burden of suppressed emotions that they were carrying till now. It was touching to see how people opened up their Pandora boxes and by the end of the session, each and everyone (this is the first time I am seeing a near 100% audience saying this) said, "we feel light... something huge that we were holding on to till now has dissolved."

This is the greatest service that one can do mankind - personal transformation. Spirituality is often mistaken to be social service only (see the emphasis on social service). Yes, social service is one component of spirituality, or rather, one by-product of spirituality but spirituality is not just social service. Spirituality is much more than that. Like Ramakrishna says, "It is better to teach someone how to fish rather than just giving him the fish to eat."

When the inner space of a person is cleansed, it just radiates in the outer world too. All our outwardly emotions like anger, guilts, worry, fear etc. are nothing but a corruption in our inner space. During the program, almost everyone experienced the cleansing of the inner space and each one could experience the result of this cleansing in their outwardly emotions and behavior.

The very transformation in an individual attracts people towards him. When one individual transforms, his transformation transforms 10 people around him. Each of the 10 people can transform 10 more, leading to 100 individuals and so on. Just imagine the chain reaction...

What better service can one do to mankind than to teach them how to lead a blissful life. Paramahamsa Nithyananda is on this one mission - transformation of an individual to transform humanity...

For those who are not convinced with this, let me also add that Nithyananda Global Initiatives spends lot of time, energy, effort and money on various charitable activities like free food serving, free medical camps, disaster relief etc. But these services are offered as a sharing of one's own transformation.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Time to Timelessness, Place to Space

"This is the time when timelessness penetrates time. This is the moment when space descends into the place zone; brahmanda descends into pindanda; macrocosm descends into microcosm", defines Paramahamsa Nithyananda, on Shivaratri. He says this is the time when the whole cosmos creates a possibility for us to experience the Ultimate consciousness. A deep click happened in me when I heard these words from the master on Shivaratri night.

Let me pen down by thoughts.

Time and again, enlightened masters have said, "You are enlightened". But we hold on to time and place as being permanent. We want to hold on to time and place. We always are either in past or future. There is a reason for it. Because present is the always changing, always impermanent, our ego knows that it can't hold the present. That is precisely why we are never in the present moment, we are scared of staying in the present moment.

Similarly holding on to place, the world outside that we perceive as solid reality, deludes us from the space that we are actually a part of. We are part of the whole cosmic space. The whole cosmic space is within us. But we are busy grabbing places for us; putting our nameplates on as many places as we can.

Holding on to these two is pulling us, already spiritual beings, into humanly emotions like greed and fear. Being entangled in these emotions arising from our clutching on to place and time, we miss the vast, ever pervading timelessness and space that we are actually made up of, from which we originally came.

The all-pervading timelessness and space are constantly inviting us to connect back to them. They even come down to planet earth and take birth as human beings so that we can relate to them easily. These human beings (a.k.a enlightened masters or avatar) constantly remind us of the that timelessness and space. They are here only to pull us out of the clutches of time and place.

The only thing that we have to do is: be open and allow them.