Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Experience the Master - Here and Now!

In one of the recent messages of Swamiji, He gave a wonderful technique - 'Just start blessing whoever your sight falls on. Go to malls, or just sit outside your home and watch the passers by, and keep blessing them for all auspiciousness to happen in their lives, for them to be blissful. If you can't bless aloud, then just bless them silently inside. But make it a point to bless each and every single person you see. Not just humans, you can even bless the dogs on the street, or even a plant or a tree. Just keep on blessing'.

After just few days of practicing this technique, I experienced a sudden cognitive shift inside. Here are the clicks that I experienced through this technique:

1. Firstly, with every blessing, I experienced a shift from being a "seeker" to rising to the space of the Master. As I seeker, we keep seeking - whether it is joy, happiness or even enlightenment. We keep seeking happiness from situations, or seek spiritual upliftment from the Master. But this technique simply forces us to start showering, not seeking anymore. We are forced to experience the very space of the Master - the space from where only showering happens, showering of the nectar of joy and fulfillment to any being that comes in contact with the breathing space of the Master.

2. I also experienced that as I practiced this technique, there is an overflowing feeling of contentment inside, because only a full pot can overflow. If we are caught with any problem or depression, then focus of our energy is on us. But we start blessing others, the focus simply shifts from us tiny ego to the world... the fulfilment first spreads in the system and then is trasmitted to the outside - how wonderful!

3. Another sweet experience that accompanies everytime I remember to bless someone is that my body language and memories get automatically flooded with that of the Master. The simple reason being that Swamiji and 'Blessing the Cosmos' are not different. The ingredients that make up Swamiji are just compassion to uplift and bless humanity. And having witnessed Swamiji bless thousands of His disciples, those memories automatically get downloaded everytime I think of blessing someone.

What an amazing technique to experience the Master, here and now.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The unexpected guest

Nithyanandam! Recently Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda gave a beautiful spiritual practice to be followed daily - to pen down the truths as they "click" to you in your inner space. As the truths are uttered by the outer Guru, certain truths click inside, which inturn triggers the inner Guru to shower more clicks. He urged all his disciples to maintain a "Book of the Heart - My Book", where the daily clicks are recorded. "My Book" will serve as testimony to the spiritual growth (or stagnation) of a seeker, and aids him/her to get clarity on the path forward.

For me, this blog had served as "My Book" when I started it. Somehow, along the way, I had felt too contented with the silence that follows each powerful click by the Master. Literally each of his words is like a blow to the mind, making it shut up for a while. And I had settled into enjoying that silence and had stopped penning down. But this discourse has given me renewed inspiration to start writing again on this blog.

Anyways, just a while ago, I was talking to my parents over the phone and I received the news that the maid servant of our house, who had been helping us at home for over 2 decades now, met with an accident, where she was hit by a van.. and she passed away a few hours ago.

As has always been the case when I hear about any death of a person I know, this news left me wondering for a while - about how death comes so suddenly to a person. Everything we hold on to so tightly and so dearly is all gone in a jiffy! Lord Yama comes un-announced.

I thought to myself: The greatest gift one can give oneself is to be able to let go of everything in the inner space, while one is alive and to be prepared to receive death at any time. This can happen only by living life fully, intensely, with no hang over! Imagine not being taken by surprise when Lord Yama knocks on your door.. But just being able to receive Him with a smile, so gracefully, saying - "Lord, All is set, shall we go?"..

Nothing can pay back to the Master, for the wonderful understanding and clarity he has given on this subject. To be able to even talk about it so freely, without a negative societal conditioning itself is so liberating.

Enjoy this discourse where Swamiji reveals the science of life and death: