Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Break free from the shackles within!

In today's earlier post, Sri Arpanananda asked a question "Are you really free?"

Here are some points to ponder, to help us answer that question to ourselves.

1. If your colleague gets a promotion and you get jealous, then you are a slave to your colleague's progress.

2. If you are a happy person today just because of the praises and compliments you got, then you are a slave to those compliments, coz you wouldn't be as happy otherwise.

3. If you can't sleep peacefully because you're scared about an exam the next day, then you are a slave to that fear of exams.

4. If you are constantly worried about what your boss would say about your progress at work, then you are a slave to your boss's opinions.

5. If you lost your cool and started to yell while arguing with your friend or spouse, then you are a slave to your anger.

6. If you are not able to stop smoking or drinking even though you want to quit, then you are a slave to those habits.

7. If you are not at ease if you have not had your morning coffee or newspaper, then you are a slave to the coffee/newspaper.

8. If you are disappointed at having lost in a competition, then you are a slave to the thought of success.

9. If you always keep praying that your business should go well or that your partner should not dump you, then you are a slave to your insecurities.

10. If you are not able to sit for 5 minutes silently with youself because the thoughts are taking you for a fast roller-coaster ride, then you are a slave to the thoughts and inner chatter!

If we are honest to ourselves and ask each of the above questions to us, we will know how much of injustice and slavery we are putting ourselves into.

To be able to be blissful, NO MATTER WHAT is the Ultimate Liberation, the Ultimate Freedom. For this we need to take the bold step into ourselves and decide to break free from the bondages of greed, jealousy, fear, anger and lust. These shackles can never liberate us unless we make a conscious attempt. Let us take the plunge, let us break free.

What is the worst that can happen to us? We lose our life, that's all! Thousands lost their lives to get our Motherland her independence from external bondage. Let us get inspired from them to live our life with courage, confidence and break free from the internal bondages. Let us strive for the Ultimate Liberation, for Enlightenment.
Ma Nithyananda Arpana


Anonymous said...

Good one!!
One question, when I do a self-analysis, suppose all what you have listed is present, then what ???

I feel depressed that I am sooooooooooo sick !! What a state !!

Ma Nithyananda Arpana said...

Dear anonymous,

Everyone starts from there. To realise we are sick is the first step to allow the healing process to happen. Just being conscious about every thought, emotion and action can do wonders. It may sound too fuzzy, but trust me it's not so. I can tell you from experience.

On a practical note, why not attend our Life Bliss Program (LBP)? It is a great step towards getting free from many of these bondages mentioned. At least for me, LBP was a major trigger to start the cleansing process. We have one coming up on 15/16 Sep in Singapore. If interested, do drop me a line or send a mail to :)


Anonymous said...

Actually it is after LBP that I found these depressing facts about myself. Lucky are those who are the slave of something, they will finish of the life behind it not knowing it was wrong.

Ma Nithyananda Arpana said...

Dear Anonymous,

Why do you brand yourself as sick? Feeling bad and guilty is yet another shackle. Let us accept whatever is inside us and be more aware the next time we are faced with similar situations.

Surely, if you start flooding that space inside with consciousness, you will see that these negativities lose power over you. Try it out, next time you feel angry, just become aware of that anger, it will drop.

If we start to resist these emotions and fight with them, we only give them more and more power. Just watch them with awareness and friendliness, they will go away.

And people who you are calling lucky are leading a life in ignorance and surely there have a heavy baggage inside which you are not aware of. If not in this life, some life they will have to realize it, because this baggage will continue to follow them.

You are the lucky one because you have started to understand what's inside. All you have to do is make an attempt to be aware. The more and more you walk on this path, the easier this will become!

Btw, we have our second level program scheduled for Sep 22/23. Using awareness as a tool, this helps to go beyond a lot of these emotions. A very powerful course. Let me know if you are keen.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ma Nithyananda Arpana. I have done LBP. I am having tremendous problems balancing my personal and spiritual life. I have a constant worry that I may not be able to fulfil all things in mypersonal life and spiritual life together. I am very confused. Please guide.

Sri Nithya Arpanananda said...

Nithyanandam Anonymous

Thank you for passing by our blog. The position you are in is a common situation that many seekers find themselves in. The problem is - we try to "choose" between spiritual life and material life. Swamiji says that choice itself brings suffering and confusion. He talks about Quantum Spirituality which means living fully in both material world and quantum life. He talks about holding on to your spiritual life and leading your material life with complete detachment. The reason for our confusion when we are faced with our spiritual and material lives is because of our attachment to both. Swamiji clearly says live in all dimensions but be completely detached.

There is a beautiful discourse called Quantum Spirituality. Try to get that video. There is a short clipping of this on youtube -

Please watch it.

Hope this answers your query.

In Nithyananda
Sri Nithya Arpanananda