Monday, February 18, 2008

Feeding our senses - a favorite passtime

Yesterday I went for an Indian movie titled Jodha Akbar, which shows the life of a famous Moghul emperor - Akbar and his wife Jodha. Just a few lines about Akbar and Jodha before entering the subject :) Akbar is considered one of the greatest Moghul emperors to rule India in the sixteenth century. He consolidated most of India under one administration and came up with innovative styles of governance. Akbar was a Muslim but his wife Jodha was a Hindu by religion who was a devout Krishna follower.

Now let me come to the point... Let me describe peoples' reactions to different scences in the movie theater.

Scene 1 - Battle of Panipat: There were armies fighting, clashing against each other, bloody fights, swords, sounds, screams, blood, death ...
Audience Reaction: Pin-drop silence, glued to the screen ...

Scene 2 - Sufi saints singing: Akbar was a follower of a great enlightened Sufi saint called Moinuddin Christi. Sufi saints sing a song and enter into a whirling meditation.
Audience Reaction: Loud laughter at the people dancing, mockery at the way they look, they dress up and dance...

Scene 3 - Another fight: A close aid of Akbar attacks him... a short sword fight
Audience Reaction: Pin-drop silence, glued to the screen ...

Scene 4 - Devotion of Jodha: Jodha goes and kneels down before the idol of Krishna and prays for recovery of Akbar when he gets wounded.
Audience Reaction: Loud laughter and mockery...

Scene 5 - Final battle between Akbar and his rival, shot almost like the final fight sequence in the Hollywood movie Troy.
Audience Reaction: Pin-drop silence, glued to the screen, not even blinking their eyes...

This is the state of human consciousness. We are thrilled to see a bloody battle, a fight sequence but we cannot sit for five minutes to watch heart touching devotional scene. Believe me, the Sufi song especially is heart touching rendering.

When we watch a fight sequence, our adrenaline levels start rising. We are glued when either an action scene or a lustful scene comes up on screen. These are the commercial elements of a movie or a program and we enjoy such commercial scenes. Such scenes give us sensory pleasure. When we watch an action scene, we actually start feeling so much for the protagonist that we ourselves sometimes feel like getting up and hitting the bad guy :) ... Such is the way we get involved in such scenes.

On the other hand, heartful rendition of a beautiful Sufi song or a scene showing the power of devotion, we dismiss it immediately. Simply because such scenes most often than not do not give the kind of kick that an action scene gives. Since we do not get the sensory pleasure, we do not appreciate something which comes from a deeper layer.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda says, 'we are continuously bombarded with violence and negativities throughout the day that we can now relate to such kinds of things only.'

This is true. Be it movies or television serials, everything is based on violence. If humans are not enough people invent robots, aliens, predators, big sharks, crocodiles and even cockroaches to show violence, blood and death. What is even more dangerous is how children, hardly 5 or 6 years old are glued to their playstations, X-boxes or hand held gaming consoles killing the bad guys, bombing the enemies etc.

We are simply filling ourselves with garbage. If we really see, we do not need all that. We do not need that violence. But our senses crave for it and we feed our senses obediently.

Our Master says, 'all the mass calamities like tsunamis etc. are a result of collective negativities.' Our own negativities are accumulating to an extent that such incidents occur.

Its a pity that we are becoming the cause of our own destruction. We can decide now to pull ourselves out of it, only if we wish to...

P.S: One of the meditations in the programs conducted by Paramahamsa Nithyananda includes the Sufi whirling meditation for 42 minutes.


Annamalai said...

Hi, I am a big fan of your writing. I have a question for you, where can I download Nithya Dhyaan. I have been looking for step by step instruction for it. I have "Meditation is For you" book and it does not have Nithya Dhyaan. Can you please point me where I can get it or if possible, can you please give me step by step instructions for Nithya Dhyaan.

Sri Nithya Arpanananda said...

Hi Annamalai

Thank you for reading our blog regularly. We are glad that you appreciate the posts, which are nothing but our simple experiences and expressions of Swami Nithyananda's words.

Yes, Meditation for You does not contain Nithya Dhyaan as it was released much before Nithya Dhyaan. Unfortunately, you cannot download the music and voice over for Nithya Dhyaan from the web. You will have to buy the CD from a Dhyanapeetam center nearest to you. I strongly advice you get a copy. The instructions for the meditation and the benefits of the meditation are listed in this website:

We hope you enjoy doing Nithya Dhyaan. Personally we feel it is the most powerful meditation we have done.

In Nithyananda
Sri Nithya Arpanananda