Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Master

Yesterday (23rd December) at Bidadi ashram, the 10-day celebrations leading to Swamiji's birthday started off with great energy and enthusiasm. Today morning when we opened the Dhyanapeetam website, the photos for the first day were put up. Just seeing the photos made me experience the bliss of Nithyananda :)

The Master's blissful smile, the joyous processions of Anandeswara-Anandaeswari, hundreds of people all dancing in bliss around the Master, the Master giving Aarati to the idols and the Banyan tree, the Master blessing each one present with His compassionate touch... everything, just seeing those photos brought a huge smile on my face.

It is hard to put down in words what many of us feel when we get a glimpse of the Master, be it in physical form or in just a photograph or sometimes even in a dream. It does not matter where we are but most of us feel connected directly to Him. There are no words, no emotions, no thoughts. We are. That's all!

I just wanted to pen down my thoughts ...

Even one glimpse of Yours,
whether you are here or there,
we crave to catch, my Master.
That one smile of Yours,
whether you see me or someone else,
we crave to catch, my Master.
One compassionate touch of Yours,
whether you give intentionally or not,
we always want from You, my Master.

Your every word, my Master,
Your every glimpse,
Your every touch, my Master,
Your every hug,
is a sword, my Master...
the only sword, I know
which can cut through my veil
and bring me out of my dream.

Master, whatever You want to do
You please do; I surrender.
But one request to you, my Master,
whatever You do,
merge me in Your dream.