Friday, August 10, 2007

The Fundamental Assumption

In few of our previous posts, we brought in references to science concurring with what has been branded as 'Spiritual'. When I say science, I mean science as we know it to be, with experiments, laboratory research, statistical observations and proofs. Starting from Dr.Emoto's experiments with water crystals and the power of thoughts, Dr.Bruce Lipton's experiments at the cellular level, throwing light on energy healing (what mystics have been following for thousands of years), a detailed documentation of Dr. Yen's healing of criminally ill patients through love...

However, we have no choice but to admit that science, as of today, has its limitations. For example, until recently it was believed that the Big Bang theory explained the origin of the universe. One day or the other, the question had to come 'what before that?'. Recently, some scientists are suggesting an alternate model called the Big Bounce Theory in an attempt to cover the loopholes of the Big Bang. However, unless we say the Universe always existed, the question about 'what before that?' will always exist.

Whatever we know as science today is built on one basic assumption: 'the observer and the scene observed are different'. You may say, that doesn't make sense. Let me elaborate. Why do you see something as a house, or somebody as being different from you? A sense of identity that you have created with your body makes you think you are different from everything around you isn't it?

The approach to science has been that man first cut himself from the scene because he thought he is different, then saw the plants, animals, planets around him. Then he started to classify these, study them and science originated - one branch for each of the things he put under a category.

Let's call this science of the external world. The flaw here is that the observer was never questioned. The distinct separation of the observer from the scene was taken for granted. This is where the problem lies. This can only lead us to relative findings, not absolute, because the very framework is relative to the observer.

The scientists of the inner world were very thorough. They made no assumptions. They went to the very roots. They questioned the observer first. They asked the question 'What am I?', 'Am I this body?', 'Am I separate from the rest of the world or is it just my projection?'. They went to the root of the problem and were not satisfied with relative findings. These amazing scientists of the inner world cracked the problem to life, existence, God.

Great scientists like Einstein recognized that there is more to science that what we perceive and said 'The end of science is the origin of spirituality'. What this means is that where the science of the external world stops, the science of the inner world begins. Today, top quantum physicists are asking fundamental spiritual questions. Watch the movie What the bleep do we know? to understand what I am saying.

Many of us think that spirituality is subjective and science is absolute. Friend, if you feel that way, you are mistaken. Spirituality talks about the Absolute Truth. That is why Truth is written with a capital 'T'. Whether it was Jesus, Krishna or Buddha, they spoke about the very same Truth. If we see them as different, it is our ignorance. Of course, this Truth can only be experienced not intellectualized using logic. Because once we start using logic, we are once again talking in relative terms. And the Truth is Absolute.

Ancient scriptures of India like the Upanishads is a thorough documentation of all the scientific experiments and study done in the inner world. It gives us techniques to crack the mysteries of life and contain nothing but the Truth. Unfortunately, there is so much of misconception about these scriptures, many think these books promote religious fanaticism, or it contains mythological stories. No way, these wonderful books contain just pure knowledge about Existence, about the very fundamental question 'Who am I?'.

Anybody who has been truly touched by Swami Nithyananda has experienced at least one glimpse of this Truth. What happens in this space when the boundaries disappear is simply beyond words. As mystics put it, it is Sat-Chit-Ananda (Truth-Awareness-Bliss). Swamiji has proven to us that it is not just the mystics, but you and I can experience it. Ofcourse, when one experiences it all the time, he becomes enlightened! Let us start with at least a glimpse, you never know, enlightenment may be around the corner!

-- Ma Nithyananda Arpana

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Excellent post!

In Nithyananda...

Phalgun said...

somehow i always thought that the basic assumption in science is that some variables are always kept constant. newton's laws : u can never apply them to a real life situation without over simplifying the situation. assume this constant. assume that as ignorable. and so on. and now this fundamental assumption you talk about. now i am simply amazed we made so much material progress on two basic science 'flaws'. so if the inner science is free from such assumptions.....

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Well said, Ma