Saturday, March 6, 2010

My gratitude to my master

The rich Vedic culture and anyone who used to propagate this culture in its full authenticity have always been attacked. And this is what has happened to Paramahamsa Nithyananda. How the world will understand this I do not know. But what I know is my experience; what I know is my transformation that has happened. That is the biggest testimony that I know and I have witnessed. No one else has to convince me about my experience and my transformation.

And with that as the base, I support my Master in these difficult times when he has been framed in such a conspiracy. The deep life solutions that I learnt and experienced during the first level meditation program (LBP1), the deeper truths about death that we consciously experiencec in second level Life bliss program, the power of devotion that we experience in third level program, the strong meditative experience that happens during Healers' Initiation ... these experiences are enough for me to be with him when he is being attacked by people who haven't even seen him once.

I guess this is the time we need to stand up for the transformations that we have had being with the Master. Every Guru Poornima, every Jayanthi, we came to express our gratitude for transformation. Now it is even more important to cut this negativity out with our positive transformation.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Everything is bliss - nithyananda, I found

Everywhere I see around

Beauty is all that I can find

In silence, I hear a beautiful sound

In blissful stillness, rests my mind.

Hitting the rocks and banks a thousand times

The river just flows on and on.

With same peace, same energy and peace

It just flows on and on and on.

From far east, comes the cool breeze

Hugging the branches, cajoling the leaves,

It kisses everything that comes its way.

Whatever comes its way, it just breezes away.

At a distance, I see the banyan tree

Chirping birds and dancing squirrels,

Sleepy owls, in one corner, I see.

A home of many, in harmony.

Their very nature is to flow, I see

In that flow, is bliss and peace.

Untouched by anything that happens around

Everything is bliss, is what I found.