Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Everything is bliss - nithyananda, I found

Everywhere I see around

Beauty is all that I can find

In silence, I hear a beautiful sound

In blissful stillness, rests my mind.

Hitting the rocks and banks a thousand times

The river just flows on and on.

With same peace, same energy and peace

It just flows on and on and on.

From far east, comes the cool breeze

Hugging the branches, cajoling the leaves,

It kisses everything that comes its way.

Whatever comes its way, it just breezes away.

At a distance, I see the banyan tree

Chirping birds and dancing squirrels,

Sleepy owls, in one corner, I see.

A home of many, in harmony.

Their very nature is to flow, I see

In that flow, is bliss and peace.

Untouched by anything that happens around

Everything is bliss, is what I found.

1 comment:

opal said...

I must agree with your experience of transformation,mine has been total.I m experiencing so much bliss somedays I feel I will explode.Swamiji is such dedicated being none of his followers will ever leave him.Fear or Love? I longer have a choice. The only tears I cry are tears of JOY!!!!!!MUCH GRADITUDE SWAMIJI