Saturday, March 6, 2010

My gratitude to my master

The rich Vedic culture and anyone who used to propagate this culture in its full authenticity have always been attacked. And this is what has happened to Paramahamsa Nithyananda. How the world will understand this I do not know. But what I know is my experience; what I know is my transformation that has happened. That is the biggest testimony that I know and I have witnessed. No one else has to convince me about my experience and my transformation.

And with that as the base, I support my Master in these difficult times when he has been framed in such a conspiracy. The deep life solutions that I learnt and experienced during the first level meditation program (LBP1), the deeper truths about death that we consciously experiencec in second level Life bliss program, the power of devotion that we experience in third level program, the strong meditative experience that happens during Healers' Initiation ... these experiences are enough for me to be with him when he is being attacked by people who haven't even seen him once.

I guess this is the time we need to stand up for the transformations that we have had being with the Master. Every Guru Poornima, every Jayanthi, we came to express our gratitude for transformation. Now it is even more important to cut this negativity out with our positive transformation.


Magesh said...

May I know what is "Jayanthi"?
And when is that?

Anonymous said...


I see lot of people telling that your guruji charges exhorbitant rates. Can you let me know how much you paid for various courses you mentioned.

Actually i give two hoots to the video and news, not because he is a swamiji, because i find the entire episode childish and nonsensetical. Useless fellows and jobless hypocrites join together in finding fault with others.

These guys think they are lily white and sinless

anyway, your love for your guru will definitely liberate you to bliss

Be Bliss

L said...

Dear Sri and Ma Arpana,

I feel so happy to see your post. When gratitude to the Master overflows from the very transformation that we have experienced, really nothing can shake it.
And what better time to live his life solutions than this. I had been to the NSP in Bidadi in Feb. I am sure Swamiji's Samadhi was an indication to something brewing..I wonder how the negative forces become so powerful that they can, even if momentarily, shake existence itself... I am sure Swamiji will come out of this with more glory..just waiting for it patiently...


I Exist Therefore I Think said...

I have experienced the love of Gods, the power of gratitude and the state of Bliss. I am thankful to my Swamiji for every happiness that I have spread after being touched by his thoughts and innocence.
I am yet to learn how Swamiji deals with a situation like this with his enlightened mind. I know he has a solution..a Guaranteed Solution. I am sure the Gods residing in him will take him out of this and place him even higher. I am just waiting for that opportune moment when the world feels the same as I do. And then will be the day the Heaven will play on our Earth.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes. Thanks for expressing what I could not put into words.

KS said...

thank you for this true writing,
I too had these same experiences when I did lbp and kalpataru ,the value of our master is unchanged in any degree even after this conspiracy.
I will always support my master no matter what the out come is going to be .

maheshssy said...

Paramahamsa Nithyananda is the ultimate Master. He has transformed our lives. Blessed are those who are fortunate to have him as a guru. One has to search over many lifetimes to get a guru like him. Swamiji, we bow to you. All your detractors who are carrying out this vicious campaign to malign you, will be brought to justice soon. We are fully behind you. The truth shall prevail.

Anonymous said...



I too felt the presence of swamiji at the time of ASP.

I too agree swamiji have done nothing wrong and truth will reveal itself to the public.

Nithya Rama said...

I could still remember my solid experience when i attended 4 days of ASP program in 2003 at Oklahoma which Swamy Nithyananda personally conducted to a group of select 19 people. I became totally free from wandering thoughts and started enjoying within peace and harmony in my life thereafter.
I offer my gratitude at His feet at all times.
I heard of the allegations and infamy thrown upon him these days. Request all what good he has done by and large and give him reasonable time to clear the clouds.
Please do not attempt to prematurely kill his vast constructive mission to build future world of positive energy.

Sri Nithya Basker
& Ma Nithya Bhasker
(Ramakrishnan Chowdappa &
Janaki Ramakrishnan)
Saudi Arabia

Subu said...
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