Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sharing by a fellow devotee - Anniversary celebrations at Ohio


Tomorrow, Wednesday April 14, Ohio will be celebrating the third anniversary of the inauguration of the first Nithyananda Vedic Temple in the USA! Our thanks to Swamiji and Existence for this beautiful place of peace and divine energy. There are so many aspects of this Temple that make it truly live up to its name: Nithya Ananda, Eternal Bliss.

To begin, the Temple physically came to fruition only nine months after Swamiji declared that there would be a Shiva Temple in Columbus and handed over the symbolic towel. Swamiji says that when he declares something, or says it in words, it has already happened. This is evident in how quickly the Temple came about. Once the property was established, Swamiji decided that the Ohio Temple would be the home of the 7 foot tall, 6 tons Anandeshwara and Anandeshwari, the faces of which Swamiji himself carved.

The Temple is in a beautiful natural setting with two rivers flowing on its property: the State protected Olentangy River and a creek flowing into it. Paramahamasa Nithyananda declared the confluence of these two waterways the Prayag of the West. During the Kumbh Mela of April 15, 2007, Swamiji said that the confluence of these two water streams was similar to the Prayag in India and the direction of the flow was matched by that of the sacred rivers; Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati.

What memories we have of that two-week period with Swamiji and all the people and other beings that came to help and support the beautiful outpouring of existential energy on planet earth. For many of us, it was the first time we witnessed or participated in rituals of energizing a Temple or Moorthis. That it was performed by Swamiji, an Enlightened Master, in a small town in the US, is almost beyond comprehension. Anandeswara and Anandeswari had arrived in January, and with us were waiting for Swamiji to come to bless and anchor divine energy into them through the Prana Pratishta.

The Kumbhabhishekum, an offering to energize the Temple, is a huge service to humanity as it raises the positivity of the surrounding area, making the pure energy of Divine Existence available to all. The compassion of our enlightened master was evident in the Kumbh Mela, as Swamiji made sure to make eye contact with each passing motorist or person watching.

Swamiji told us that to give each person the possibility of one glimpse of him…for that glimpse to register and become their “Mastercard”, could allow them liberation. This Temple, the deities, the teachings, the music, the land, the Vedic tradition, has been our home, our life, our blood, our bread and butter for the past three years, given to us by Swamiji, energized by Swamiji, all an outpouring of energy known as Nithyananda.

Nithya means eternal. This land and energy will continue to exist. In the current events of uncertainty and wavering faith, the energy gifted and established here in Ohio by Swamiji will never waver. Our small minds may waver, our egos may get bruised, fear and greed may take hold, but Anandeshwara will stand strong in His intelligence. Swamiji once pointed out that even though a palace and a temple built by the same architect, with the same materials, was built at the same time, the palace crumbled and succumbed to the elements while the Temple remained standing. This is because the temple and moorthis were energized, keeping the temple intact. Happy Anniversary to the Ohio Nithyananda Vedic Temple. Happy Anniversary to Swamiji.

To all Beings: Let us hear your support! Let us feel your support! Show us your support. Continue to radiate Living Enlightenement.

For a beautiful understanding of how these moorthis and rituals can help us, see the following discourse by Swamiji on Karma and Rituals: A deeper Understanding.

In Nithyananda’s Grace
Ma Nithyananda Bodhanaa

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