Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Breaking all limits: Nothing to fear; Nothing to lose

It's been a while since we wrote, amidst all the many things that were happening - "chaos" (as it may appear from outside). There was no intention not to write.

As each day unfolds, revealing many magical moments filled with ananda, I recall some words of my Master, in the light of some recent experiences in our lives. Swamiji has said many times - live the life of "Asaadhya Saadhana" - achieving the unachievable or living the impossible! This inspired me a lot because this means, being daring to dream in a grand way, and living those dreams. Even dreaming needs courage because we are so conditioned and so used to putting limitations in the way we think or operate, that it is reflected even when we envision our future. It is within the fence of our courtyard that we dare to walk around in.

And our decisions are all within the barriers of the fence. We just miss experiencing the amazing energy that is so vast and compassionate, urging us to break all limits. The vast energy is infinite and opens us to those infinite possibilities, only if we allow it to.

After meeting Swamiji, every decision, whether big or small is constantly revealing to us the infinite energy that is within us and around us. There exists no barriers, because all barriers are created by the mind and mind is our creation! So why fear? Let us walk the path unwalked. Let us think for ourselves and live life to the fullest.

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