Thursday, March 12, 2009

Master - A bunch of paradoxes

A young face with timeless wisdom
Sometimes a child, sometimes a mother
Sometimes a friend, sometimes a father
And sometimes indeed a Zen Master

He puts us into utter insecurities
But immediately He assures us He's there
Utterly relaxed yet what a cutting gaze
He's ruthless out of pure compassion

When the Zen Master raises His stick
Just peep into His eyes and see the oozing love
Every word is a sword to cut the tumor
A sword filled with love and grace

He is fullness personified
He is emptiness personified
He is established in the present
He is established in eternity

He's a bunch of paradoxes
Cannot comprehend using logic
For He is beyond all of that
He is beyond the beyond!

In deepest gratitude to my Master...

1 comment:

Alpana said...

beautiful...that is precisely what I was thinking myself....sometimes he is a friend, sometimes like a mother and sometimes like a child. I am looking forward to meeting him again soon...