Monday, November 23, 2009

At Bidadi Ashram - our Home!

After a long break, we're back. Sincere apologies to our readers for the spell of absense. After an exciting 2 days of Swamiji's program in SIngapore, we're now at Bidadi Ashram, our home. You will see more regular updates from us henceforth about our experiences here and the exciting things that are happening.

So much to say, yet nothing to say - that's how I feel if you ask me to explain what it is like to be in Bidadi Ashram. The rich Vedic lifestyle at the Ashram makes us wonder whether we are living in the 21st century or in the Vedic age, thousands of years ago. A few words in attempt to capture the Ashram lifesyle - refreshing early morning sessions at the break of dawn with Yoga, meditation, puja (prayer) and Sanskrit chanting, traditional costumes (of sarees, dhotis), ananda seva (blissful service), deities in breathtaking decorations at the temple, moments of deep reflection under the ancient banyan tree, guidance of a living enlightened Master, sattvic/Yogic food, international family with people from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures living blissfully together, dips at the healing pond with energised water, library with rich spiritual literature...... literally a Vedic renaissance happening right in front of us! And what a blessing to be part of it.

Come experience the womb of an enlightened master, at Bidadi:
Watch this space for regular updates from us.


Sneha said...

Hi Suchi,

I have been following your blog. I am out of words to express the sheer enjoyment in reading your entries. I will be looking forward to stories and life at the ashram.


Ma Nithyananda Arpana said...

Nithyanandam Sneha, Thanks for your encouraging words. :)