Sunday, January 31, 2010

Where the roots and leaves meet

At Bidadi Ashram, the home of many devotees from many parts of the world, young and old, one can see the magical coming together of technology and ancient spirituality. Some of the typical sights in ashram, which anyone who has spent time at Ashram would relate to:

-Fresh faces at sunrise, with a yoga mat tucked below one arm, guru puja kit in the other hand, streaming into the sabha for the beautiful morning routine

- Rows of laptops at meetings and the accompanying sound of keyboards in action

- Sound of evening aarati song, temple bells, fragrance of camphor and sandal

- Technical team discussions at the restaurant, members being truly international, some blonde, some NRIs, some Indians, but all dressed in Vedic costume (dhoti or saree)

- The delightful sight of an avatar draped in graceful saffron, suddenly appearing in front of you!

- Quiet faces in deep meditation under the mystical banyan tree

- Blackberries downloading emails at real time for enhanced work efficiency

- Spiritual debates and inner healing sessions

- Dancing away to the latest Nithya dance hits

- Gurukul kids playing badminton, football and other games in their playground

- Fashion accessories at Ashram - Rudraksh mala, Nithyananda bracelet, kumkum, vibhuti

- The list goes on...

To summarize, Bidadi Ashram is the most beautiful place on planet earth - where you get to experience the peak of the inner and outer worlds, with joy! After all, it's the home of God!

If you have a sight you want to add to the list, please feel free and leave your comment.



Sri Nithya Arpanananda said...

add one more:
multinational cuisine: sometimes pakka south indian meal, sometimes north indian palak paneer and rotis, sometimes Chinese - vegetarian sattvic noodles, sometimes western - bread, butter, soups and sometimes... chat items like paav bhaaji ..

what else can one ask for ... all these with Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda with us :-)

nithya said...

It is the Ultimate place..I mean.. I just can't think what can be more than what I get here!
Each day is like an intense hundred days packed into one. Every moment is dedicate usefully,leaving us simply fulfilled. Am so grateful being here. One must not miss it even after knowing about it :) Every moment is a blessing when we realize whom we are living with..

Anonymous said...

Nithyanandam !

Sorry for leaving a irrelevant comment. You are the only persons who came to my mind to ask this question. I dreamt about swamiji last night and he told me about an important decision i have to make in my life. I am unable to decide if my mind is playing games or its swamiji's leela.. Also, in one of the Q&As session, I heard swamiji saying "This life itself doesnt have any meaning. Who is bothered about dreams?" Please let me know if you know of any instances where swamiji graced his disciples this way.

Thanks in advance.

Ma Nithyananda Arpana said...

Dear Anonymous,

Normally, when we need clarity on some matter, we just sit with that intention (sankalpa), enter into nithya dhyan.. or do the chanting of poorna moola mantra (Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha). You can do it 108 times, and pray to Swamiji for an answer. Invariably the answer is there!