Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Manifesting thoughts into reality

I do not know what the name of this siddhi is, but the manifestation of this is something that happens to me atleast a half a dozen times in a day by HIS grace - and this has been the case ever since Swamiji happened in my life 10 years ago. 

Basically, if a thought happens inside, then it beautifully expresses as an action or event outside. Swamiji once explained this as an alignment of "iccha-shakti" (the energy of desire) and "kriya-shakti" (the energy of action), wherein the gap between the thought ripple inside (to do something or want something) and the actual doing or happening is removed. 

Well, it is as though the entire cosmos conspires to manifest your subtlest thoughts or prayers into reality. And everytime this happens, it keeps putting me into awe and gratitude towards existence, God and Guru. Awe because what you think is a secret prayer or just a silly thought is so loud in the ears of the cosmos, and gratitude because you feel you are on the lap of your mother, constantly being listened to.

Here is just a small example from something that happened just now. Background: I need to be attending a week long workshop next week at Univ. of Californa, Davis. Last night, I was discussing with Sri Arpana about whether I should be commuting daily by taxi (from Sunnyvale to Davis - which is about 2 hours of drive), or whether I should stay in a hotel at Davis for the week. We decided that I should drive daily and I had communicated this arrangement to my post-doctoral advisor, who decided to cover me for the daily commute.

But this morning, Sri Arpana was saying that it would be good to also get a hotel room so I will have the option of staying back in Davis on some days, depending on when we get done each day. 

And just when I was wondering whether it is appropriate for me to ask for a hotel room when I am already getting covered for the daily commute, I get an email from our project collaborator in Sweden saying she has an extra hotel room and asked if she should reserve it for me incase I needed it. And before even I knew it, she had reserved that room for me.

The point is not about the hotel room - it's about the constant assurance that the Cosmic Mother is listening and responding sooo beautifully. Only we don't see it with our colored eyes - colored with all the layers of conditionings, biases and opinions. That's why you need a third eye, and a Master who can awaken it. Thank You beloved Swamiji.

(There have been many, many, many more solid examples of this in my life and I will document those in future blog posts).

- Ma Nithya Arpanananda

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