Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The gift of silence - Simhasth Kumbh (Part 1)

Greetings after many long years! I have been around, but slacked in blog-writing. Hope to be back more actively. I will start with the most recent and most intense journey I've had to one of the most sacred energy hubs that cosmos has to offer - Ujjain in North India. But more importantly, it has been a journey inside into the deep, mystical and fascinating woods of the mind - deep down, where silence beckons.  

Here's a little background: I was blessed with the opportunity of attending a 21 day program called Shuddadvaitam at Ujjain at one of the world's largest gatherings - the Simhastha Kumbh Mela with Swamiji. It was the very piece of land where Shiva Himself revealed the sacred Agamas to the Sapta Rishis. The experiences that I had are hidden in so many layers that I am at a loss of words to start describing it.

If I have to summarize in a few words, I can say - so much happening outside, but a shattering silence inside. I felt like I was the eye of the storm, a silent spectator of all the chaos unfolding around me. I have heard Swamiji utter the words - there is chaos in order and order in chaos. I think I got to taste that experientially.

Here is a glimpse: One of the early days of Shuddhadvaitam, we were hit by a massive cylone, with water mercilessly hitting on the pandal as if to uproot it, and gushing water seeping through the carpet floors into the hall. As we held our breaths and watched the whole hall getting flooded with water, a thought flashed into me like lightning - "Oh Gosh, we are in the midst of an empty camp ground with all temporary tents, in a city tucked away from my familiar home and all the comforts. The tent is temporary after all. What happens if it collapses!"

But, the very next moment, this thought had evaporated into thin air and was replaced with a deep feeling of love, compassion and trust - Trust towards Swamiji and the divine energies, that whatever happens in that auspicious energy field is auspicious indeed, so any fear or insecurity is baseless. And a causeless compassion towards all fellow participants started to ooze. I felt as if my whole life and the life around me was one big drama and I am watching the show. I saw some panic about what was going to happen next, some loose the temper about their clothes getting wet, some upset about their bags being moved by volunteers to dryer areas. I went into the dormitory and found out that my whole big bag with many white clothes was now soaked with muddy water. Not only that, my bed was at the entrance, so lot of the slush had got deposited in and around my bed and mattress was soaked too.

But guess what - My inner space refused to feel perturbed about any of this. I felt as if God had pressed the mute button inside me, and all the useless thoughts of fear, insecurity, worry, anger, irritation seemed to all be on "mute" - so I could hear none of them! 

It was only then that I realized what a beautiful gift I had received by the Master - the gift of silence, the gift of peace. If not for all the chaos, I would not have realized the silence, the order. All I was left with were tears of gratitude.......

(To be Continued...)

Selfie time with Mahadeva

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